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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday Tip: Hooded Eyes Do's & Dont's

Hooded eyes: when the skin on the upper lid hangs over the eyelid making them barely visible and the area under the brow bone is the most prominent.
Some of the most well known celebrities have hooded eyes but they use clever make up tricks to make their eyes appear wider.

Firstly, here are some examples of celebrities with hooded eyes:

L-R: Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen

I have hooded eyes and some of the celebrities I found with this same eye shape came as a surprise; you would never think that their eyes appear small or quite closed off.  
The most important thing to be conscious of is whether to use:
- a white or black eyeliner
- matte or shimmer eyeshadows
Another important tip is knowing where to contour the eye; because the natural crease is hidden, you will barely be able to see any contour in this area. In effect, it will  just make the eye appear smaller.

Below is a picture of some hooded eye Do's & Dont's when it comes to applying eye makeup:

As you can see the right side appears brighter and more lifted whereas the left side looks puffy and droopy in comparison.

-Apply matte eyeshadow to form a crease above where the natural crease in the eye is.
-Tight line eyeliner on the upper rim of the eyelid and create a tiny flick at the edge to elongate the eye.
-Apply a shimmer neutral shadow to the space underneath the brow bone and on the inside corner of the eye.
-Wear white eyeliner on the bottom inside rim of the eye.

-Heavily line the eyelid as the limited space on the eyelid will appear even smaller.
-Apply shimmer eyeshadow to the space between the crease and the brow as this will make the eye look puffy.
-Wear a black eyeliner on the bottom inside rim of the eye.
-Apply a dark eyeshadow underneath the eye as it will drag everything down and cause it to look droopy.

If you want to see some tuitorials for people with hooded eyes, Stephanie Lange has some interesting and helpful videos.

I hope you learned something from this!

- Rachael O