Friday, March 6, 2015

COLAB Vs Batiste

I have been a fan of Dry Shampoo since Batiste was first launched in Ireland and the UK (in 2009?) and I've used it religiously ever since. It has been a life saver especially on those mornings when I've slept in and didn't have time to wash my mane. It has become a necessary product in my daily hair routine and I am honestly never without it. I use it not only on greasy hair but on freshly washed hair too to give it that extra oomph and volume. In the last few years, I haven't been too fussed by any other dry shampoo brand launches as the ones I've tried have been a huge let down.

However, when Youtuber and Model, Ruth Crilly (AModelRecommends), launched her own range of dry shampoo named COLAB, there was a lot of buzz surrounding it in the beauty world. When I finally saw it in my local Superdrug, a few months after it had been launched, I had to have it! (even though I had just bought a new can of Batiste a few days previous...) Many bloggers have said it gives volume and texture to their hair without the powdery finish that so many hate. When I used it however, I didn't get any of those results, in fact it didn't seem to do anything for me at all. I first used COLAB on my just washed hair and it didn't give any oomph whatsoever. Therefore, I think it's safe to say that if I slept in and reached for my can of COLAB in a panic it wouldn't save the day.

I know COLAB is clearly marketed as a "sheer invisible formula" but I still expected it to have the same benefits as Batiste minus the fall out. I know many people hate the powdery finish of Batiste but that's what makes it a better product in my opinion; you can feel it working and absorbing the oil to give life back to your hair. The powdery finish is especially good for blondes who are due a root touch up as it makes darker roots a tad lighter. For those with dark hair who want to combat the chalky finish, all you need to do is brush or work the product into your hair or buy the Batiste range for Brunettes. 

COLAB (Rio) is on offer for £2.32 per 200ml, usually £3.49 & Batiste (Tropical) retails at £2.99 per 200ml bottle.

I think it's clear to see which one is my winner but I will give COLAB another chance to see I can be converted...

Rachael O