Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Grow your hair & keep it healthy

When I was 12 I had my first set of highlights so it's safe to say that I've had my fair share of hair disasters over the last 10+ years...
Everything from brassy yellow toned blonde to dodgy fringes and spiky layers and the biggest disaster: my hair falling out! I thought I would share my experiences with you to prevent you from making the same mistakes along with a few tips I've found that have made my hair grow back healthier and longer than ever.

My hair is naturally poker straight and has always been long and silky. That all changed when I was 16 and my hair started falling out in clumps until I was left with a handful of extremely damaged, broken hair. It was completely frazzled and I was DISTRAUGHT. As a self-conscious 16 year old, I felt like my world was ending; hilarious to look back on now and the definition of a "first world problem"- although I definitely would not want to go through that experience ever again! As someone who always had long hair, it was kinda my security blanket and I used it to compensate for my insecurities regarding my crooked and overcrowded pre- train tracked teeth.

My hair started falling out because every few weeks when I went back to get my roots touched up, the hairdresser I used to go to would bring the colour out to the ends which is NOT something that should be done. This should only be done every second or third time you get your highlights done and only if your hair needs it and the brassiness can't be counteracted with a toner. I switched hair dressers and thought something could be done to keep my hair long but that wasn't an option. I'll never forget the hairdresser in the new salon telling me that the breakage in my hair was so bad that she didn't even need scissors to cut it because it was snapping off as by itself. I had no choice but to get it cut short, tone the colour down and hope for the best... Luckily this was 2008 and Victoria Beckham had made the blonde bob the new "Rachel" (thanks Vicki B) and I tried my best to pull it off  like the other 90% of the female population. My hair was WAY too short for extensions (I couldn't even tie it up anymore) so that wasn't an option. I remember looking in the mirror when I first had it cut and feeling SO nervous about going into school the next day. I know this sounds so frivolous in comparison to some of the current events happening in the world (again, epitome of first world problems) but as a women your hair can either be the root of you confidence (pun intended!) or one of your biggest insecurities. If you're going through something similar and don't have €600+ at your disposal to get bonded or beaded extensions then hopefully these tips will help you out!

If you want me to say I took those magic gummy bears and I had rapunzel-esque hair within  6 months, I can't. It grew back at a snails pace for the first year or so. Then  within two and a half years it had grown from being too short to tie up to growing back down to my waist again- which was the longest it had been since I was about 14 and it has been like that for the last 7 or 8 years. I've learned a few things that have definitely sped up the growing process and have helped keep my hair in good condition; and I thought sharinbg them might help anyone who is having a hair dilemma or wants to keep their hair healthy.

1. Only use heat when you have to
If you can let your hair dry naturally or if you can leave it so that you only have to partly blowdry it then do that.
If you can get away with styling it after you wash it and then leaving it like that for a day or two, then leave it. I have naturally straight hair and I remember straightening it everyday just because everyone else did even though my hair didn't need it!? When my GHDs broke I never replaced them...
If you don't have a heat spray you can get one for less than a tenner in boots. I only spray this through my hair when it's damp so the bottle will last for ages.

2. Get ALL the dead ends chopped off
I just don't understand why people pay to get their hair coloured and then refuse to get the ends cut because they're trying to let it grow. I don't know where the science comes into this but in my personal experience getting the ends cut always helps my hair grow faster (as long as you're looking after it).
Looking back, I think having to get a bob was the best thing that happened because it allowed my hair to grow back fuller and healthier than before (and faster).

3. Hair oil is your BFF
This is only something I've been religiously using in the last 3-4 years and the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil is my absolute favourite and I go through bottles upon bottles of this (it even has heat protection included in it). I apply a few drops to my hair when its wet and brush it through and then when it's dry I apply a tiny bit more. I use it most days and especially when I feel like my hair needs it. I don't find that this makes my hair greasy but everyone is different so maybe use it sparingly to start with to see how it works for your hair.

4.Buy a Tangle Teezer
I've been using one of these for years and I would never use anything else now. Unlike normal hairbrushes these don't pull or snap your hair when you brush it so it helps prevent hair from splitting and breaking.

5.Get regular trims
Following on from point number 3 I get my hair cut EVERY time I get highlights which is every 8-10 weeks. Every few months I get 2-3 inches cut off, sometimes more, and it ALWAYS grows back. This is key in helping your hair grow and keeping it looking healthy and fresh!

If your hair is brown and you want it to be white blonde in 1-2 sittings it isn't gonna happen and trust me it's not worth ruining it in the process. I know that there is an olaplex treatment to help with this process but it's not a miracle worker. We all know how long it can take for hair to grow back so I'm sure you don't want it to be frazzled and then have to go through the whole trying to let it grow process.

7.Enquire about Revoplex & Olapex treatments at your salon
I have silvery white blonde hair and I used the olaplex treatment when I wanted to get rid of my ombre and go back to an all over blonde. I'd built the silvery blonde colour in the ends of my hair over time and didn't think I would be able to get an all over match so soon- without going through the brassy stage. However,  the olaplex treatment allowed me to be able to match the root colour to the same silvery blonde as my ends with ZERO damage.

8.Find a hairdresser that you trust 
If you go to a different salon everytime you get your hair done, it's gonna be hard for each hairdresser to know exactly what you want. I know that my hairdresser will give me the best advice and advise me against something if she knows it won't work or will ruin my hair. I always trust her to cut as much off the ends as I need and I always leave the salon knowing my hair is healthy and feeling happy with the outcome. It's important that you feel comfortable and trust them because you're leaving your hair (literally!) in their hands.

Please enjoy these dodgy AF photos from back in the day up until now.. CRINGE!

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